Heating Hacks – Simple Reminders

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There are so many small things you can do around your home to help keep your heating bill down. From closing the curtains at night to leaving the oven door open after cooking, here are seven simple reminders for keeping your heating bill in budget!

Fireplace escape hatch

The only thing escaping up your chimney should be smoke and Santa. When your fireplace isn’t in use make sure you close to flue so you’re not saying bye bye to all that heat your furnace is generating for you.

Don’t over ventilate

As if you need another reason to remember to turn off those loud bathroom and kitchen fans, but we’ve got one for you anyway! In just 60 minutes a fan can pull out the majority of your heat, which means a pricey heating bill for you!

Use free heat from the sun

The sun is your friend, let it in! Putting up curtains and keeping them open in the day can help heat up your home, while closing them at night will keep your home insulated.

Don’t heat a sleeping house

Turn down the heat when you head to bed! You won’t notice the temperature change when you’re snoozing under the duvet and it will save you money!

Don’t heat an empty house

Turning down the heat to 15 degrees when you leave the house is a great way to save money!

Don’t heat rooms you’re not using

Turn down the heat in unused rooms and close them off to keep the heat where you need it most.  

Kitchen trick

Doing some holiday baking or roasting in the oven? Leave the oven door open after you’re done for an extra blast of heat in the kitchen!

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