Heating Hacks – Home Maintenance

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Keeping your home well maintained is also a great way to save on your heating bill. There are lots of small things that over time can let heat out instead of keeping it where you need it most. Here are seven home maintenance tips for keeping your heating bill on budget!

How well is your home insulated?

Is heat escaping your house like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? Here’s a trick to find out. Next time it snows take a look at your roof and see if it melts or not. If you’ve still got snow you’ve also got a well-insulated roof. If not, your heat is finding a way out!

Check your house for drafts

Where’s that cool breeze coming from? If you’re asking that question inside your house you may be in need of some draft protection, like weather stripping on doors and windows. Not only will you stay warmer your budget will be happier too!

Check your pipes

The area around the pipe where it enters your home is often overlooked by contractors. Fill in any gaps with foam or caulk. Not only does this help keep the heat in it also can prevent pests!

Check your electrical outlets

Even the smallest holes can let in cool air. Can you feel a draft coming through or does the cover feel cold? If so, remove the cover and fill any gaps around the outside of the box with caulking and get a foam gasket for insulating outlets from your local hardware store. 

Close the ducts in uninsulated areas of your home

Particularly in the attic, basement or garage. This should prevent heat from escaping into places where it’s not needed. Also check the ducts at the joint areas to make sure they’re not letting warm air out, if you find a small hole or weak area you can seal it with foil tape. 

Check your vents

If you have a heating system that uses vents throughout your home but you’re finding it’s still cold make sure they are clean and clear or objects or furniture so the heat can get where it needs to be. 

Seal up your windows

Consider using heat-shrink plastic on windows in the winter to help keep the heat inside where it’s most needed!

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