Heating Hacks – Home Improvements

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There a few things you can add to your home to help keep your heating costs down! Here are three home improvements you can make to keep your heating on budget!

Ceiling fans are not just for the summer heat!

Installing a fan in regularly used rooms can help push rising heat from your heating system back down to your level, so you won’t be wasting any of that toasty warm air.

Increase the humidity in your home!

Humid air holds more heat than dry air but some heating systems, particularly forced air systems, along with colder temperatures in the winter can really dry out the air in your home making it feel cooler too. Adding a humidifier to your home heating system could help reduce your heating costs.

Automate your heat

Sometimes letting the machines take over is a good thing, though not in most sci-fi movies. But a programmable thermostat will let you set a schedule for your heating, so you never have to remember to turn the heat down when you go to bed or head to work. 

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