Heating Hacks – Heating System Maintenance

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Maintaining your heating system is the number one thing that will ensure your heating bill stays on budget! Here are four Heating Hacks for keeping on top of your heating maintenance.

Maintain your furnace

As much as you don’t want to add another thing to your cleaning list, a clean furnace is a far more efficient furnace. Having your heating equipment properly inspected and cleaned every year will actually save you money!

Change your furnace filters.

If your filters are clogged that may mean your furnace isn’t working as efficiently as it should, costing you more money on heating. Make sure to have a technician clean or replace your filters at least once a year.

Is it time to replace your furnace?

A new furnace could mean a significantly lower heating bill! Newer energy efficient furnaces can reach up to 97% efficiency rates which equals money in your pocket! Nova Scotia also offers rebates and financing for those looking to upgrade their heating equipment

Check your furnace flame.

Have you ever looked at your furnace flame? Now might be a great time to start! An oil heat flame should burn blue, if it’s orange it’s time to have your furnace checked over by a technician to make sure it’s working optimally. A furnace not working at its best could cost you more money in the future so maintenance is key to a happy heating budget!

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